Steps to Independence Adult Retreat

Steps To Independence, USOD’s weekend-long retreat for Adults with Ds 18 and older, is back for 2019! This year’s retreat is June 21-23 and once again, we are partnering with Cleveland State University Occupational Therapy faculty and students to offer a weekend that will focus on learning new skills, gaining independence, and making friendships in a college environment! The weekend begins with check-in on Friday afternoon and will finish up Sunday morning with a presentation to the parents of the weekend highlights! PLEASE NOTE: We will not be able to accommodate late check-ins or early dismissals this year (unless in case of emergency). We feel it is very important to commit to being present the entire weekend so our adults and volunteers can be involved in all the activities and truly benefit from this program. ALSO, Attendees must be able to self-administer their medication(s) and vitamins, with verbal prompting.  We have increased the number of attendees but enrollment is limited. For more info, contact Barb Waddle or Linda Tarro.

Registration for Steps to Independence is now closed.